The Hole In Wand - Wizard Golf In York
As seen on Dragon's Den
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Visit the World’s Most Magical Golf Course in York’s Coppergate Shopping Centre and take on nine magical golf holes with The Hole In Wand - The Search For Grobblenook!

Get ready for a Wizard adventure, along the way there will be bubbling cauldrons, magical portals, a giant picture frame where you become part of the painting…and can you perform the 'Light Spell' to illuminate the way in our dark hole and awaken the spirit. 

At the end of your adventure you will find out if you have the magical powers of a Wizard and every player will receive a magic potion gift worth £3.49 to take home, plus hopefully find the famous gargoyle Grobblenook!

Wizard golf with a potion drink for every player is available from just £6.99 per person and you can book now by clicking here. Minimum age is 3 years old and the maximum group size is six Wizards with wands.

After a magical nine hole adventure you can relax in our Wizard Tavern with a Cauldron Cake, and enjoy a delicious potion with poisionous options for grown up spell makers. 

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"A wonderfully unique way to spend an hour in York with your Wizard mad children - the whole family had so much fun! We gave it 5 stars"


"The Hole In Wand is a magical, one-of-a-kind experience In York that's perfect for the whole family. It's an immersive, hands-on activity that's really fun - no wonder our kids keep asking to go back"

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