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Grobblenook Foundation 

The Grobblenook Foundation has been founded out of our natural love for supporting the community by bringing magic, adventure, and memories to young wizards aged 4-17.

Arguably one of the most magical spells we have cast, The Potions Cauldron Group currently has magical shops in York and Edinburgh as well as mini golf attractions in York, Blackpool and Chester. Due to our various locations we have committed to bringing magic to young wizards that need some magical sprinkling.

We currently we only offer vouchers to our attractions and experiences for fundraising raffles, but we do have plans to add much more very soon! Our vouchers are for up to 5 people to attend either the Cauldron Experience at the Potions Cauldron or for a round of mini golf at The Hole in Wand. 

If you are hosting a fundraising event for a school, kids clubs (football, swimming, dance, etc), a charity that supports kids aged 4-17 facing adversity, or an individual/group supporting any of the previous and within the YO, FY, EH or CH postcodes and are looking for a voucher to one of our venues to be used for fundraising efforts such as raffles and / or auctions please email our foundation ambassador McKinley - with the following information:

- Name

- What is the event that you are hosting

      - What/who are you raising money for

      - Date of event

- By what date do you need the raffle prize

- Contact info

- Location

- Charity number (if applicable)

- What voucher you are wanting (if in York)

      - The Cauldron Experience at the Potions Cauldron or mini golf at the Hole in Wand