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Corporate Packages



Find out who is the most magical member of your team with our Wizard Golf challenge!

Will you end up being a Serpent, Basilisk, Unicorn or Wizard?

Can you find the Wizards on their latest Quest? 

The Hole In Wand Blackpool is Blackpool's most magical attraction with a 9 hole immersive mini golf adventure, which will take you from the forests in the Pendle Valley and transport you to The Potions Cauldron through a world of Gargoyle's, bubbling cauldrons and Castles. 

If you want to have the magic to yourself, complete venue hire is available on a weekday evening (outside school holiays) for 2 hours from 7pm with packages that include a magical cocktail.

The complete venue hire is available for up to 30 people (minimum of 10), includes a round of Wizard Golf with magical drink with optional poison, and a further Cocktail drink in the Tavern with a choice of Uni-Colada, a Poisoned Apple, Snakes & Ladders or a Drunken Wizards from £19.99 per person.

For more details and to check personalise your package email