The Hole In Wand - Wizard Golf In Blackpool

Blackpool's Newest & Most Magical Mini Golf Experience

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Our wizards are still working their magic, conjuring up our brand new magical indoor golf course but why not take a look at the video of our York golf course to see what the magic looks like!

Visit Blackpool’s Most Magical new attraction with The Hole In Wand Wizard Golf on the promenade next to Blackpool Tower, and take on nine magical golf holes.
Get ready for a Wizard adventure, along the way there will be a forest full of venomous snakes, an ancient castle with a magical fountain, a trip to a train station and a chance to visit magic of York’s mysterious Shambles.

At the end of your adventure you will find out if you have the magical powers of a Serpent, Basilisk, Unicorn or Wizard and every player will receive a magic potion gift to take home worth £2.99.

After a magical nine hole adventure you will end up in our Wizard Tavern with a chance to meet Grobblenook the Gargoyle and enjoy a Wand Dog, Uni-pop-corn and a Cauldron Cake, and enjoy a delicious potion with poisonous options for grown up spell makers.

Wizard golf with a potion drink for every player is available from just £6.99 per person and you can book now by clicking here.   Minimum age is 3 years old and the maximum group size is six Wizards with wands.


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